‘Beta’ and ‘Invite-Only’

Skitch logo

I’ve had the chance to play with Plasq’s new beta-invite-only software Skitch for about a month now, and it’s really great.

At the same time however, it highlights (for me at least) a problem with beta software in general. I’ve been sitting, making silly little pictures, happily using this software. The thing I’ve failed to take into account is that so far, it’s been completely free.

I wonder what happens when I have to pay £15 for the software – chances are, I’ll stop using it… and this goes for everything, including (but not limited to) Gmail, Flickr and Lastfm. As a side note, I actually do pay a tiny amount for some extra features on Lastfm and probably would pay for Gmail if they implemented the same system. So beta software is all well and good, but remember that it won’t stay beta forever (or maybe it will, who knows these days).

And as for invite-only sites and software: keep doing it, but make sure I get an invite – it makes me feel all special inside… Smile


By adam2z on 12 August 2007 at 0:22:

i have never heard of skitch before. it loks cool. too bad its apple only.