Warwick Uni Open Day

Just got home, so I thought I’d fill y'all in on what I did with my Wednesday:

  • Left here (Chiswick, London) at about 7:50 this morning, getting to Warwick (the town, not the university) at about 9:45.
  • Spent an hour and a half (yup, till 11:15) sitting in the biggest traffic jam ever with all the people going to the open day. The real kicker: that traffic, from just outside Coventry to the university, couldn’t have been more than two or three miles long.
  • Two hours looking round the campus, decided it was just like every other campus university I’d been to see so far. Queues for decent-looking food too long, so took the decision to go home.
  • Drove from 1:20 till 3:20, normal university open day lunch (sandwich, crisps, Coke from a service station) eaten in the car.

So if we add that all up, it comes out to six hours driving and two hours at the actual university. Not that I didn’t like the uni - I really did, but I’m starting to think that London’s the place I want to stay. And by the way, on the way home, the two miles that took an hour and a half before took just seven minutes. I’ve done nothing all day, but I’m still shattered. Might start swimming again, just so I’m not doing nothing.