Profile Unavailable

A quick note: most of the people finding this post via search engines want to know why Facebook profiles are sometimes unavailable. It’s due to Facebook carrying out routine maintenance; no data is lost while this is going on, and in my experience it normally lasts no more than about 3 hours at a time. Now, back to the original writing:

Random interestingness with Facebook profiles – if a profile is unavailable for any reason (which most of the time means maintenance being carried out), all the wall posts on that profile can’t be seen. So basically, wall posts are associated with the person they’re posted on rather than the person they’re written by.

Also, wall-to-wall makes for a much more interesting read – just one side of the conversation, have to try and guess what the other person’s saying.

T’s wall-to-wall with M

T’s profile is unavailable, so the conversation is all of her posts (on M’s wall) but none of M’s posts on her wall.