Apple Cares?

Regent Street

I’m sure friends of mine will be absolutely shocked to hear this, but I’ve fallen in love with Apple all over again. After taking my flickering MacBook to the Regent Street Genius Bar for the third time, they caved and completely replaced it for me. The only catch (so far as I can tell now) was that I had to get the tube to Brent Cross, but apart from that they were absolutely fantastic.

So I now have a MacBook that’s 0.2 GHz faster, has a 40 GB larger hard drive, and an X3100 instead of a GMA950. Oh, and the screen doesn’t flicker anymore :-)

By the way, to all the people on the northern most (Edgware branch) of the Northern Line, please try and smile just a little bit moreā€¦ you all look so crazily depressed.