"Master Your DSLR"

End of school term means hardly any work to do, so I spent the evening playing with (learning?) my dad’s Nikon D80, seeing as I had pretty much no clue how to use it before now. I’ve been through Lifehacker’s tutorials (part one and part two) on mastering your digital SLR in both Program and Manual mode.

Here’s all I’ve managed so far today (bearing in mind I’ve been sitting at a desk all evening) - and neither of these have any kind of post-processing. I realise it’s all pretty poor, but I’m having really good fun learning it. The first is taken on full automatic (noticing the yellow tint of the picture):

DSC_2108 copy.JPG

The second is with the white balance adjusted “manually” (noticing how the white MacBook is actually white):

DSC_2107 copy.JPG

So now I’m asking myself: why the hell didn’t I try and learn this before?? Looking forward to many days over the Christmas holidays spent out and about, just taking pictures and experimenting. That Flickr Pro account might finally pay off…