This one’s too long for a tweet, but that’s really all it is – don’t go reading into it.

I’ve been on and off about whether to password protect this post or not. For the time being, here it is. If you think I’ve made a hideously bad judgement call in posting it, please let me know.

This evening’s been such a rollercoaster of emotions. I’m struck by two completely different extremes; on the one hand, there are the people who inspire confidence in me to continue acting the way I have been, and then I hope I’m sort of making a difference; on the other, there are those who do something stupid and insensitive and ruin it. Not only do they upset others directly through their actions, they’ve effectively ruined that confidence.

The worst part. I have to do the work to try and undo all the crap they’ve just created. Not for their benefit, to try and salvage friendship and trust, and make sure that somebody’s OK. They’ll probably never read this, but that’s fine too.

I’m lucky in that I know so many people who are the former rather than the latter. I just felt the need to write about how angry I am right now, I apologise. For those who know me: the people who have pissed me off definitely know that they’ve done it, and I guess you’ll find out soon enough who they are. I won’t be talking to them again.

I’m actually stunned by the lack of sensitivity that two people have managed to display this evening. I could ask whether it’s a fault of the impersonal nature of the social networking software they were using, or a fault of the alcohol they were no doubt consuming, but it doesn’t matter now.

Writing this has helped. I know I shouldn’t have done it on the spur of the moment, but I don’t think I’ve jeopardised anything by doing so. It’s too general for that. Comments are apparently closed – that’s probably the only good call I’ve made in writing this. Thanks.