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Email Footers

If you have received this message in error, do not open any attachment but please notify deleting this message from your system.

If you have received this in error, please notify us immediately and delete the email.

If you incorrectly send me an email, surely it’s your fault. If it’s in my inbox, it didn’t get there by some fantastic stroke of luck; so don’t tell me what to do with it.

The unauthorised use, disclosure, copying or altering of this message is strictly forbidden.

What does that even mean, “forbidden”? Is it legal to forbid me from acting on something you’ve sent me, if you sent it by accident?


By Chris Northwood on 20 July 2009 at 18:23:

E-mail disclaimers carry absolutely no legal weight whatsoever (A point I wanted to make in the YSTV ‘People’ vs. HJF debate, but thought it best not to…):

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