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Um, Like, the Mac?

Seeing as people seem to be asking this the whole time at the moment, have a run-down of the Mac apps I need, use and love. And leave any I’ve forgotten in the comments if you feel like it. Because I’m a student, and we’re all totally stereotypically broke, I’m going to go for the free stuff…

Perian? Remember that we’re students, meaning that we’re all vile people who download movies illegally or watch porn or do some other video related crap with our computers. Install this open-source set of video codecs and watch your problems disappear. Also consider installing VLC as an alternative video player.

Growl? A system-wide notification system. I get pinged for instant messages, file downloads finishing, new things being posted to Twitter. It’s shiny, pretty and there’s no reason not to have it.

Adium? The best IM application out there. Really, I don’t even need to justify it. If you can find me something better today, I’ll eat something a lot more interesting than my hat.

Quicksilver? This takes some getting your head around. To start, think of it as a nicer Spotlight. Start playing with plugins and triggers (I’ll hand you over to Merlin Mann for that) and things only get better.

Firefox? Safari works, but I prefer this. Extensions win it for me, easily.

Google have some nice stuff for the Mac up on their site. Take a peek.

That’s my list. Let me know if I missed anything…

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