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Neat UI Features:

Cool little feature that I believe is unique to Break’s video service - in that I haven’t seen it anywhere else yet.

Play this next

Every video has a “play this next” ticker that scrolls through related videos while the current one is playing. On hover, it displays a preview of the related video and once clicked it changes to an “up next” (in a queuing kind of way).

Up next

Innovation in stuff that’s as normal (apply air quotes) as online video streaming is getting more and more rare, so it’s nice to see Break implementing things that aren’t just other sites' features rehashed.


By Farhan Mannan on 30 November 2008 at 23:16:

I’ve never even tried to use YouTube’s playlist thing so I can’t comment

By Farhan Mannan on 30 November 2008 at 23:17:

but I just did!

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