This post was published in January 2010, so the information in the post or about me in the sidebar may no longer be correct.

0-50 Megabit

Broadband Speed Chart

Our broadband speed has looked like this for the last ten years. Here’s hoping we get to 50Mbps within the next year or two - and who knows where we’ll be in another ten years.

Here’s where we’re going at the moment:

  • BT is saying that 40% of homes will have the ability to have a 100Mbps connection by the 2012 Olympics: GigaOM
  • It’s possible to get 50Mbps from Virgin Media at the moment, for £30-£40 per month
  • Virgin promise 100Mbps by 2010: TechRadar


By Jalada on 03 January 2010 at 19:49:

Wish I had 10mbit broadband…anywhere. Don’t even get it in York :(

By Michael Henley on 04 January 2010 at 22:46:

My graph matches yours until 2005 and then flatlines… VM 50MB is v tempting right now!

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