On The Lab's blog: Designing for Receipt Printers

By Alex Muller

I wrote a bit for the office blog about our work writing HTML and CSS that ends up printed on a bit of paper a couple of inches wide:

For web developers, there’s no real technical challenge in the front-end side of creating a publication; it’s all HTML and CSS with nothing to think about other than how WebKit will render your page in black and white. But this lack of difficulty is more than made up for with the tough constraints imposed by the media and the size it’ll be printed at. The printable area is less than 400 pixels wide and just 800 tall to avoid the unpleasant surprise of waking up to a publication five metres long trailing across the floor. Berg’s guidelines recommend that text should be sized no smaller than 20px (and they’re dead on), but with letters so large and paper so small there isn’t room to say much.

Designing for Receipt Printers (December 2012, News International R&D)

I love the way that our blog looks and works. It’s an Octopress-based static site. Bel created designs that look awesome, and David and I set the thing up.

Written on Monday 03 December, 2012