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Redesign. Erm, Kinda...

I’ve just switched over to a new template. For the most part it’ll look the same as the old one, but should be a little wider (wooo, more space for content). The good news for me is that it’s no longer based on a version of Kubrick that shipped with something like Wordpress 2.x, it’s based on some blank Wordpress themes.

It may look a little funky for a while. I’ll be changing some things live, so leave a comment if something screws up majorly (and you can be bothered)…

I’ve gone for supporting a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 and not testing in IE6, which seem fair given how Google Analytics looks.

Cheers ;)


By adam2z on 25 July 2008 at 21:37:

It is cleaner which is qualm.

How much of the typography is your doing?

By adam2z on 25 July 2008 at 21:38:

oh and comment links are hard to see. the words ‘one qualm’, are a link.

By Alex Muller on 26 July 2008 at 08:37:

Cheers, I’ll sort comment links… :)

Part is mine, the rest is whatever is left over from the blank theme linked above (which is why the CSS is a nice mix of pt, px and em.

Your qualm is actually something I was planning on asking you about next week - ideally I’d like to drop that sidebar div to be the height of the content (and not have a border on the bottom), but can’t figure it out.

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