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iPhone iMpressions


Hey everyone, say hello to Isabella (serious disclaimer: I’m not crazy for giving my phone a name, promise…)

A couple of very, very quick thoughts:

  • Battery life is horrible on this – I guess I’m a heavy user, but I’ve found myself charging just running out of charge as I get home in the evening.
  • GPS is the coolest thing ever.
  • It’s so much easier having phone and music in the same place. I always used to miss calls because I couldn’t feel my K800i vibrating.
  • The camera’s not great. Meh, so what?
  • I have conversations in SMS, finally.
  • I still need to find a good IM application.
  • Twitterific works well, as does TubeStatus, Facebook, and Shazam. Tris is a great game. Remote is kinda cool.
  • It’s nice having a hardware switch for silent/ringer.

Now time to pack and run to the airport… data roaming is off.

Oh, and I obviously need to style li here… :(


By adam on 21 August 2008 at 22:18:

seriously considering getting one of these now. can’t get the e71 on contract, which is a pain.

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