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May 3rd this year was spent at Sony’s 3Rooms in central London – the event was advertised as an “unconference about games”, and that’s exactly what was delivered. About 120 guys and girls gathered to discuss hardware hacking, the future of gaming, or just play Rock Band. First off, Sony’s venue is… incredible. There are no other words to describe two floors packed full of all the hardware you could imagine (PlayStation 3s, PSPs, more Bravia displays than you can count) as well as a roof garden with a great view.

I listened to a few sessions, including a discussion on the ethics and morality of first person shooters (with the fantastic title of “Don’t Kick the Baby”) and a demo of accessing data from game controllers by Matt Biddulph. Photos might be found in the pool or my set on Flickr.

Many thanks to everyone who was a little more brave than me and hosted a talk, as well as Bobbie Johnson of the Guardian for organising the day.

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