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Google: Searching (and Analysing) Since 1998

Looking over logs for this site, I saw someone found one of my old posts by searching Google for “i accepted a friend request of facebook from my pupil” (search). Incidentally, the post they landed on wasn’t exactly what they were looking for (friend facebook teacher pupil would have yielded much more relevant results).

Anyway, my question was going to be: how much of a privacy issue is Google Analytics? This isn’t anywhere near a major site, meaning my stats are much easier to go through on a person-by-person basis. It took five minutes to find out that this guy (or gal) found the site from Google using the above phrase, is in the Wallington area of London and was using Firefox on Windows at a screen resolution of 1024x768. Oh, and from a cable modem.

I don’t know whether this actually worries anyone. By the way, if I was getting 22.6 million uniques (watch out, Digg) I probably wouldn’t bother going through like this. And if it does bother you, you can install the Adblock Plus Firefox extension and then install The Tracking Filter list to remove all “tracking & privacy invasion” related things.

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