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Mapping Customers

I’m really into my Google Maps at the moment. With the amount I’m using it, it’s easily my favourite Google service, except maybe Gmail. Or Reader. Or Analytics. Screw it, they’re all brilliant.

The latest creation comes from a service called map a list, which Lifehacker played with a month ago. I couldn’t think of a decent use for it myself, but someone pointed out that it would be fantastic for mapping customers who have signed up their details with a company. A massive advantage is that a business owner can immediately see whether handing out leaflets or flyers has had the intended effect. It works really nicely: link it to your Google account, select a spreadsheet to pull data from, link columns in the spreadsheet to address fields and… boom!

Here’s the service containing a bit of post code data (and with hindsight, I could have used it for my earlier post on mapping friends). Love it.


By Kevin Spencer on 25 September 2008 at 05:27:

I have to agree that Gmail, Reader, and Maps are three of my favourite Google apps, no, favourite apps in general actually.

The ‘Oops…#700’ error in Gmail is causing me a little grief at the moment but other than that, I bloody love those apps.

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