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My Crappy MacBook

Well, whaddya know? My MacBook’s dead for the second time, and I’m pissed off with Apple. Looking on the bright side, I get to use the Wordpress iPhone client. It’s crashed twice so far. Shut (autocorrected from shit, ducking phone). My story:

I have (had) a MacBook and an iPhone which I use and rely on a lot. My Dad has an iMac, but it’s not practical for me to use it day-to-day.

This morning a disc got stuck in the slot-loading optical drive. I called AppleCare and went through the normal stuff (safe mode, PRAM, etc): nothing doing. It wouldn’t even boot. The guy on the phone referred me to somewhere in London, but no Apple stores near me have appointments till at least Thursday, and there are no authorised service providers with any space for weeks.

I called Regent Street to beg for help, but nada… I can’t even book a place for Thursday now, they only allow it 48 hours in advance. I’m still waiting for a call back from the store manager, as promised.

So, my hands are totally tied. There is no way for me to have a working laptop this week, at all.

Now I’m off to go press some buttons, try my luck, and then find the pliers. Oh, and my thumbs hurt from this ducking keyboard.


By Bryant Tan on 01 September 2008 at 15:47:

Here’s my response, ‘one reason I don’t use Apple products’:

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