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FOWA Day 1

I’ve had just the best day at the Future of Web Apps conference. Early morning was Kevin Rose on “The Future of News”, followed by Edwin Aoki for ten minutes talking (more!) about web apps. He sort of set the tone for the day… ;)

A great talk by Joe Stump (digg) and Blaine Cook (ex Twitter) on why languages don’t scale, it’s other stuff that has to. Ron Richards from Revision3 (tongue twisting fun) talked about where online video content is going to go in the future, in what was probably the best speech of the day.

Now to finish my tea and dive back into SixApart, Objective-J, BT and Techcrunch (all in the developer hall), until 7pm and what promises to be a fantastic party at Fox.

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From 04PM on Thursday October 09, 2008

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