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Here's One I Made Earlier

This is hardly complicated, but it’s something that’s been bugging me. A few minutes later, tada: a script that will open the page of the currently playing iTunes track.

tell application "iTunes"  
         set theArtist to artist of current track  
         set theSong to name of current track  
     end try  
end tell  

tell application "System Events"  
     open location "" & theArtist & "/_/" & theSong  
end tell  

-- Alex Muller  
-- Do what you want with it...  
-- Sunday November 9th, 2008

Copy and paste the above into Script Editor (Applications > AppleScript) on the Mac, and hit compile. As the comment in the code says, this is hardly my finest piece of work (at least, I hope it isn’t), so I’m not too bothered what you do with it. Enjoy it, whatever happens…

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From 04PM on Sunday November 09, 2008

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