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Hack Day '08

The Hack Day took place last month, and I can’t believe I didn’t post anything about it at the time. Hack Day

It was a great day spent (for me) learning the basics of Python and, a technical term here, “pissing about” with the API. There was a Microsoft Surface and Xboxes on hand to entertain us, and plenty of free food and drink.

While I didn’t accomplish anything particularly amazing (at the time, it was noted that you could do everything I managed with the actual website), the environment was incredibly conducive to producing good code. Plus, some of the people who were actually trying (Your Next Favourite Band?) made some great little things. See the official blog post for links to all the apps.

Russ (from and I (and many, many others) both have some photos on Flickr, though his are just a little better. You can see a video that was created of the day on the group page, and I’ve put a copy on S3 in case the original disappears. And yes, unfortunately I do make an appearance… :D

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