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PHP as a Tiny Database

Here’s a little bit of code I put together this evening to use PHP as a kind of miniscule database. OK, so that’s a bit of a crap analogy; but hopefully the idea makes sense…

Oh, and also: it doesn’t have a front end of any kind. Because I’m lazy (and I think it’s impossible).

Essentially, the code below generates a random number between 1 and 2 (inclusive), and decides which of the selection of variables should be used from $theURL and $theAuthor.

    $thePhoto = mt_rand(1, 2);
    $theURL = 'url' . $thePhoto;
    $theAuthor = 'author' . $thePhoto;
    $url1 = '';
    $author1 = 'Seán A. O'Hara';
    $url2 = '';
    $author2 = 'Jule Berlin';  

The parameters generated above are then placed into index.php using the following syntax:

<img src="<?php echo $thePhoto; ?>.jpg" width="340px" />
<p><a href="<?php echo $$theURL; ?>">Image</a> by <?php echo $$theAuthor; ?></p>

The procedure for increasing the number of images in the “database” is relatively simple: upload a new image with the name img#.jpg to the directory, and add $url# and $author# to the PHP file. Oh, and then increase the range of random numbers that the script can create.

I’m pretty much completely new to this whole server-side scripting thing, so this post is as much about you telling me a better way to do it as it is me sharing this “achievement”. In any case, I’m pretty happy - it seems like a nice way of doing things and only took me an hour to get my head round.


By Chris Northwood on 14 January 2009 at 01:09:

It’s certainly an interesting way of doing things. A more traditional approach would be something along the lines of a multi-dimensional array:


$db = array(

array(‘author’ => ‘Seán A. O'Hara’, ‘url’ => ‘’),

array(‘author’ => ‘Jule Berlin’, ‘url’ => ‘’)


$thePhoto = mt_rand(0, count($db)-1);

$myelement = $db[$mt_rand];


<img src=“” width=“340px” />

<a href=“”>Image</a> by

This then avoids the nasty $$ thing you’ve got above

By Alex Muller on 14 January 2009 at 11:06:

Cheers Chris - I had no idea how to do arrays in PHP, but it’s something I’ll have a look at :)

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