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Twitterrific's grep Filter

I’d known this for ages, but only just consciously realised that there was a way to get rid of those tweets that make me sigh painfully to myself. These regex expressions are what I’ve put into Twitterrific’s built in tweet filter.

New blog post.*http

I hate these notifications of blog updates on Twitter. This is exactly what RSS is for, and it works just fine. If I might like your blog, put a link to it somewhere (ooh, how about that section on Twitter that’s handily labelled More Info URL?) and I’ll check it out in my own time and decide if I want to subscribe to it.


I absolutely love Twitterfall as a product and use it whenever there’s breaking news or events, but following the two developers means a whole load of replies to people I’ve never met advertising their service. Using this is an easy way to keep up with the interesting stuff they post, while getting rid of the links I don’t want to see.

twizmaster and [mM]ac[hH]eist

These two annoy me. The former is an account that’s used as a Twitter quiz service which people reply to with their answers (and reply to all too much). The latter? Search it using and see for yourself.

And how to implement them…?

The easiest way is to use Secrets.prefpane and add them to the Filter Tweettext option (separated using the pipe character, as they’re regular expressions.

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