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Having spent the last few weeks in the US with a bunch of people, I wanted to take the opportunity to go through where we stayed, what we did and all those hamburgers we ate.

For the five days we spent in New York, we stayed at The Pod
Hotel (Dopplr). It’s pretty much right in the middle of Manhattan, the perfect spot for complete tourists like we were, and it wasn’t too expensive (the two of us paid $660 for a shared room for four nights). The rooms are pretty small and modern Pod Hotel
Room, and there’s an amazing view from their rooftop garden Pod Hotel

In terms of touristy things, we visited the Empire State
Building (Dopplr) and Statue of
Liberty (Dopplr). Both were great days out and (like the hotel) not as expensive as I’d feared they might be. $20 each maybe, something like that. We also donated a couple of dollars to see Metropolitan Museum of
Art (hey, it’s suggested actually mandatory).

For food, just wow. We ate in so many perfectly stereotypical American places, and to be honest I never want to see a burger again. TGI
Fridays reminds me of a burger soaked/fried in oil, Houston's conjures memories of the most ridiculously oversized steak. Mimi thought that RubyTuesday was really good when she went there, but we didn’t have a chance to this time. For some reason, I feel the need to point out that it wasn’t all massive expensive steak; Matsu (Dopplr) was a great little sushi place that we discovered just round the corner from our hotel, using New York Magazine’s great restaurant finder. We also went to Hard Rock
Cafe, but while my honey glazed chicken sandwich (see, now my mouth’s watering) was delicious, apparently the rest of our food wasn’t up to much. Dylan's Candy
Bar is, as the name suggests, full of three floors of expensive candy.

In San Diego, two places stick out more than the rest. Firstly, In-N-Out
Burger because everyone on the west coast has been raving about it for ages. They’re definitely not wrong, it was gorgeous. Second, Peohe's was the meal we had on our final night, and it was a really nice place.

Wow, I never thought so much of this post would be about food. Well, when in Romeā€¦

If you’re planning a trip, I’d recommend any of the places above. Thanks for having us, America, this was great fun.


By Samarth on 21 August 2009 at 12:08:

Sounds awesome, I really liked the Pod Hotel while I was there as well. Make sure you visit Toys'R'Us (I’m being perfectly serious) and a Hooters (not so much for the food) next time you’re in NYC, really completed my New York experience.

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