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Twitter at the University of York


Figured it’d be useful to have a list of people actively using Twitter who are somewhat related to the University of York. I’ve never been a great fan of “groups”, so this is my way of getting the information out there.

Groups, Societies and Other Things That Aren’t People

  • @yusu: Yep, our student union’s on Twitter. Oh, and they’ve got a shiny new site to go along with the start of the academic year.
  • @UniOfYork: The main official account, as far as I can tell. @infocentre, the university information centre, is also on Twitter.
  • @ChemistryatYork: In case you happen to be doing… well, Chemistry at York, I guess.
  • @ystv: York Student Television, a society at the university.
  • @yorknouse: Nouse, the student-run newspaper, and its sister account @nouselive.
  • @theyorkeruk: The Yorker, another student media group at the university.

Some People I Like

From the student union: @tfngwena, the student union President for this year, as well as the other account, @yusuprez. And @lewbee, Democracy and Services officer at YUSU this year.

From Computer Science, there’s a whole load of people: @jalada and @x5315, @miketomasello, @amit_sinha, @aJanuary. And from YSTV, @njhowell, @brehonia and @annabucks .

And Finally…

Some people who technically aren’t related to the university any more, but they’re pretty funny. And hey, they used to have lectures and seminars and whatnot…

  • @tomscott, last year’s SU President. Mainly because he makes things which somehow all happen to be quite cool.
  • @unnamedculprit: I guess he could be described as Tom’s partner in crime. I’m not sure that definition’s accurate, but oh well.
  • @pearfalse: See, now I can’t decide where the line between being a university student and not being one is…
  • @cnorthwood, technical director for the student newspaper last year.
  • @AliceBartlett: a graduate with a job. I feel like I should be surprised that I know a graduate with a job.

If I’ve done this right, everybody most people linked to above should have an unprotected account and be relatively active on Twitter. Most of them will make you laugh, which is just a bonus. Sorry for how spammy-looking this post is, but hopefully it’ll be useful to someone. Don’t think I’ve forgotten anybody, but it wouldn’t surprise me… let me know if I have.


By Richard Mitchell on 30 August 2009 at 11:19:


Uni entities:





Uni people of some degree of stature:









Not uni, but York people/entities:









@YorkFibbers - a local club

And me ;-) York graduate still living and working here.

By Alex Muller on 30 August 2009 at 15:43:

Thanks for all those Richard - I had no idea I’d forgotten so many! :(

By Greg Ebdon on 01 September 2009 at 22:23:

Less than three. I’ve just met @Vivan, so I’m saying that a lot today. Thanks for a damn useful list! Will RT everywhere.

By Liz Duncalf on 31 October 2009 at 23:37:

@UYCO University of York Concert Orchestra, of which I am their press and publicity officer :D

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