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Google Wave Pre-Impressions

Firstly, apologies for adding to the pile of Google Wave content that you’re probably having to deal with at the moment.

I watched the infamous hour long video for the first time last Sunday, and I’m blown away. I know Wave’s been knocking about for a couple of months now, but before this week I’d never even considered it worth the hour of watching the video. Right now, I’m wish I’d signed up for an invite the first time I saw it.

The problem with Wave is that once you watch that video and understand what’s going on, you’ll see use cases for it absolutely everywhere. I’ve got so many email discussions going with two other people, which Wave would simplify incredibly. Just yesterday, somebody said “we should get an email thread started to bounce discussions around”. Wave makes so much more sense for stuff like that. So now, I’ve signed up and am waiting on Google.

Sure, I still have reservations about it. I’m sure everybody does, to a certain extent. But this really is the re-invention of email, and I wish I’d given it the attention it deserved a few months ago. Lesson learned, Google, lesson learned. You guys win again.


By Vanderdecken on 06 October 2009 at 20:32:

I watched that video when it was first released on the basis of a glowing Lifehacker post… after about 20 minutes I was close to turning it off. Then I think I saw the live typing feature, and thought, “Shit, this is actually really important.” It’s going to be incredible for collaboration, especially at Uni on projects and notes etc., so I hope they hurry up and release it soon. Sometime during Freshers' Week please, Google!

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