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Open Leeds & The Leeds Hack Space Hack Day (Phew)

Last Saturday, I went to the Hackspace::Leeds Hack Day, organised by the Leeds branch of Hackspace, and supported by the Hackspace Foundation.

The day was split into hardware and software, and I went for the latter. Hardware’s never particularly appealed, requires far too much dexterity. I worked with Chris on the UI and front-end for The Open Leeds project, which is a group of people who are just getting started, making historical data about Leeds accessible. (If someone wants to work on something like this for London - or if something like this is already going on - I’d love to get involved).

I wish there’d been more time, as we only managed to end up with a basic structure and layout for the site, and a promise that we’d all continue work on the mailing list. Below are a few screenshots as the day progressed.

The Open Leeds project The Open Leeds project

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