This post was published in February 2010, so the information in the post or about me in the sidebar may no longer be correct.

Lewis Bretts (amongst others)

Lewis Bretts was elected to the Student Union at the University of York last summer, beating Ed Durkin, Dave Sharp and George Papadofragakis. Recently, the student newspaper has been having issues with his promises. At first glance, this seems like student politics and student journalism mixing and turning a little crazy, as normal. Except, then I had a look at his manifesto.

A weekly fresh fruit a veg market stall on campusUm, no
Temporary ATMs during Freshers WeekToo hard to organise, apparently
Weekly minibus service to MorrisonsNot that I’ve seen
Take-away drinks from the Courtyard at the end of the nightI’m not sure, but I don’t think so
Temporary re-introduction of the NUS Democracy cardAgain, unsure
Help college bars compete with the CourtyardNo evidence for or against this
Make B Henry’s home of YUSU ComedyI haven’t seen anything advertised up there
Ensure JCRCs are trained by YUSU marketing and design staffI don’t think so, but again, no evidence either way
Support Goodricke during its moveSure, he can have this. But it’s a bit of a flimsy one.
Overhall Ents RepUm?
Manifesto visible for the entire yearI got these points from Nouse. Where’s his?
Free food in the office day to talk to studentsNot that I’ve seen
Weekly video blogHe’s done a few since gaining office, not weekly
Video footage of UGMsI haven’t seen one yet. (Greg points out that YSTV did film one, last term.)
Provide extra funding for JCRCs to increase election participationNot as far as I know, though Alex has commented below
Reduce the debit card fee for YUSU purchases onlineIt’s still 50p. Wasn’t it always?
Public monthly accounts available to studentsNope
Make society finances manageable onlineDon’t think so
Make YUSU less reliant on the University for its fundingNot as far as I know

I’ve generally got a pretty good idea of what’s going on on campus (I read YUSU’s blog, watch most of Lewis’ video blogs, etc), though I obviously don’t know what’s going on inside the Union 24/7. So if I’ve got something wrong, like Lewis I’m “human and fallible”, do let me know.

This post shouldn’t just be taken as having a go at Lewis. I read all the sabbatical officers manifestos after his, and they all offer a fairly similar theme. Come elections this year (a few weeks to go now), I think I’ll be looking for the most sensible candidate with the simplest manifesto.

It strikes me as funny that there’s a huge need to get more people involved in campus at the moment, but we can’t really trust what the only people we have a choice in actually say. Hmm.


By Vanderdecken on 03 February 2010 at 02:53:

One UGM was videoed:

By Chris N on 03 February 2010 at 11:11:

Yeah, YSTV were paid to film some UGMs, but of course they’re deathly boring

By Alex Muller on 05 February 2010 at 16:13:

Thanks Greg, I’ll add that above :)

Chris, I’ve never seen or been to one - and I don’t particularly want to!

By Alex Reid on 16 February 2010 at 03:17:

As Goodricke JCRC’s returning officer, I can defend Lewis on funding for JCRC elections – he offered us funding for our by-elections this term (we didn’t really need it for by-elections, but the offer was there). I can’t speak for my predecessor and last term’s JCRC elections, though.

By Alex Muller on 20 February 2010 at 12:32:

Thanks Alex, good to hear - I’ve marked that in above.

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