This post was published in October 2010, so the information in the post or about me in the sidebar may no longer be correct.

What got me into the web

Web design GIF screenshot

Looking through my oldest Delicious bookmarks, I came across this animated GIF. I saved it to Delicious in March 2007, but it came from Digg one day a few years ago, some time before that. I remembered it perfectly straight away.

And I realised that this one megabyte animated image was what got me into the web for good. I reckon we’d all look at this today and think “pffft, anybody could whip up a WordPress theme to look like this in an hour”. And sure, that’s true.

But even a few years ago, this was a big deal to me. That anybody could start from something so basic and turn it into something that looked decent in such a short time was… stunning to me.

While the web can do many more fancy things today than it could when that demo was created, it feels like it all still comes back to that.

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