This post was published in March 2011, so the information in the post or about me in the sidebar may no longer be correct.

One Click Orgs

One Click Orgs is a service to allow organisations to virtualise the way they’re run, providing a legal structure to make it easy to do things like open group bank accounts and organise the decision-making process.

One Click Orgs January Hack day

It’s a Ruby on Rails app with the source available on GitHub, and I’ve been working with the team since last April. Chris and Martin have given me so much help with Rails and Git, and I’ve learnt so much over the course of the last year.

While everyone else has been focused on making the service actually work, I’ve been messing around with the way things look; in this case, using Haml and Sass.

It’s been such a great project to be involved in, especially for an open source first-timer. Everybody has answered every stupid question I’ve had, and the local monthly meetings have made things really easy.

This week version 1 was released and it’s giving me great satisfaction to see something I worked on actually out there. Being used.

Here’s some screenshots of what I helped to sort out, with Charles, Colin and the rest of the team. It begins with version 0.6, which was the latest version when I started, and continues through to the 1.0 that was released last night:

OCO screenshots

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the progress and refinement as we move on.

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