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To the Cloud...

Should York email and calendar take to the clouds?

Well… I made it to the University of York, and survived Freshers' Week; making my way through two fire alarms, a few dozen pints of Guinness and more free Dominos pizza than I care to remember.

The newsy-thing that came up today is the flyer that’s displayed to the right - UoY’s Computing Services are asking for people’s opinions on migrating the University email and calendar setup to Google Apps for Education or Microsoft’s Live@Edu. This is huge for me. Not only is it a fairly large (thousands of students) organisation considering migrating to the cloud within the next couple of years, they’re actively soliciting opinions from students. I’m so pleased to see things heading in this direction.

The URL on the flyer requires a University of York login.

Also: Oh God, I hope I don’t piss people off by posting this… ;]


By Tim on 05 February 2010 at 00:16:

I emailed the team who were meant to be investigating this and it seems to have been pretty epically rejected. Sad times. Imagine the hassle you could save if they just shifted to google apps and your timetabling synced with your phone from the get go… One can but dream. It’s also a shame you can’t get pop access to or you could get it in Gmail anyhow. Alas, forwarding it is. Know of any better solutions?

By Alex Muller on 05 February 2010 at 16:09:

Hey Tim - thanks for the heads up, their EC3 page confirms it; I’ll post about it again in that case, that’s a real shame. At the moment I just forward my account to my Gmail address and apply a label to it, and that’s that. It’s hassle, but it’s much less hassle than anything York offer!

By Tim on 05 February 2010 at 18:49:

Agreed! I’ve had a pretty turbulent relationship with e-mail for the last year. I was, well, the only person I’m aware of who was a fan of Thunderbird so different protocols didn’t make any difference when it was all on my desktop. However, I eventually gave up the ghost and shifted everything I could to Gmail what with ‘the cloud’ being the way its all going these days. Anyway, I’ve just got a brand new shiny HTC Hero so my gmail works beautifully with it. It supports IMAP as well so I set that up with york webmail but then it was just a faff to manage two accounts on my little phone, so then decided to try forwarding. I think I had always assumed that it would come from one address - ie your own - and thus be irritating, but it doesn’t seem to (?) so that’s actually pretty neat. And yeah, a nice shiny label as you mention.

Your blog is awesome. Nice to find interesting local types on teh interwebs! Also, I love Get Satisfaction, it’s mint. I’m sorta involved with the Songbird guys there. Worth a look :)

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