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The web, growing up

In which I vow to keep everything I publish available for as long as I possibly can.

Log files, laziness and stupidity

Web Application Cracking Workshop #1

Whose face is this?


0-50 Megabit


Spending Time Online

Hey, foursquare: You Need to Fix This

St Paul’s School Intranet

@Twitter: *sigh*

Bedouin Foundry

CWU Spelling Fail

Link: Dropbox Snow Leopard Service

There's no substitute…

First Capital Connect's Site

“600 Happy Users”

National Express Waste, Waste, Waste

“Web 2.0” Support

Twitter's @Replies Fiasco

Why Not? Facebook and Flickr Implementing Machine Tags.

My Rev is Very Canonical

Software Evolution, User Acceptance

A Letter To Virgin Media

The Etiquette of Hashtagging

IWF Reverse Wikipedia Ban Decision


Digg Abuse

Neat UI Features: Break.com

Twitter's Lacking

To the Cloud...


Facebook Apps

Profile Unavailable

Facebook Safety