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Software Evolution, User Acceptance

I took the photo below as a bit of a joke (hey, Vaio stickers are a joke… right?) but it’s interesting to have a record of the “old” Google Reader which was on my screen at the time. When it recently changed, I remember quite a few people complaining at how the layout seemed less intuitive; now, of course, I’d easily vote for the new, cleaner look.

Google Reader – May 2008

Sometimes, I guess you just have to get through a few days or weeks of your users complaining at change - especially in this fairly new space of constantly evolving online software. And other times, the change isn’t so great and your users might actually have valid concerns (hey, Facebook, look over here).


By Kevin Spencer on 15 April 2009 at 19:05:

Great point. I, for one, pissed and moaned to all ends when changed their look & feel. Now I like it a lot. Just takes some time to absorb & sink in I guess ;-)

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