On GNER & Wi-Fi

On Friday i got a GNER train back from York to Kings Cross (luckily not underwater) and seeing as it was technically my first time on a train in the UK, i decided to give the onboard Wi-Fi a go. A couple of things were immediately evident:

  1. It is so incredibly slow - Google Reader actually wouldn’t finish loading, so i had to resort to just reading the news
  2. It is pretty expensive - £4.95 for one hour, £7.95 for two hours
  3. I had the pleasure of being logged off the connection halfway through, which for me meant the end of my browsing unless i forked over more money - I had my receipt (with logon code) emailed to my Gmail account. Yes, i should’ve made an offline copy, as that would’ve meant i could just keep going, but i didn’t

All in all, a crap experience (except the actual trip to York - fantastic). I won’t be doing it again any time soon - I’d rather use the data connection from my phone, and that’s saying something.