Sorry to steal the name of a fantastic Mac software site, but that’s what this post has to be. There’s been so much Apple stuff happening over the last few days that I haven’t written about.

Leopard was released last Friday, the 26th. People really seem to love it, with the exception of a few install problems. I played on it at the Regent Street store (which was absolutely crazy on Friday evening, by the way), but don’t ask me for an opinion. Using a MacBook with all the RAM it can take (2 gigs), and a 2.16GHz processor it was incredibly snappy - that’s probably a clean (erase) install, but still. It’s pretty, it’s new, and it’s made by Apple… of course I’ll be buying it eventually.

More to the point, for me at least, is that I just discovered Crucial are selling 2GB of RAM for my MacBook for only £34, including P&P; - that seems incredibly cheap, so it’s another thing to add to the list.

And went to MacLive Expo at Olympia on Friday morning - saw some fantastic things, including a demo of Vertus' Fluid Mask, Wacom’s graphics tablets (refreshing seeing somebody who actually knows what they’re doing with Photoshop) and Fujitsu’s ScanSnap scanner - which is crippled in the hardware to prevent one device from being used across Mac and Windows, by the way. Finally, meeting the folks from RealMac Software, who make the fantastic RapidWeaver. Oh, and a demo from Microsoft of Office 2008 - even though all the demo machines they had sitting around were running Office 2004, so nobody got to play with it except this guy.

A fantastic day, and some pretty nice times for Apple at the moment. That was pretty full of links - I love you Google, don’t do something to me that you’ll regret.


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Agree with all - have started my write-up but postponed because I am lazy. Will do it soon.