Wikipedia Vandalism

Interesting to see the types of pages that we (people from our IP) vandalised on Wikipedia over the last two and a half years:

2005 – Arsenal FC, The Musketeers, Wham!

2006 – Vitamin D, Retinol, Domitian, List of Star Wars diseases, Awo, Guild Wars, Nick Ross, Jason, Berlin Blockade, Photoresistor, HOAC, Australia, Care Bears, Lake District, EU

2007 – Kitsune, Domestic Goat, Indian Standard Time, Polyphemus, Cyclops, Calcium in biology, Magnesium in biology, Root, Copper (II) Sulfate, Battle of Salamis, Greece, Griffon Hovercraft, Maginot Line, Testaccio, Chris Scott (cricketer), Weasel Thomas, Carbon fiber, Spectrometer, River Eea, David Beckham

Conclusion: it’s got worse over the last few years, but we’re still vandalising articles about footballers that we don’t like. And of course, this school wouldn’t be complete without vandalising articles on vitamins, elements and compounds – what the hell were they thinking? I’d be interested to know if there’s anybody we haven’t offended yet…


By Moosey on 11 October 2007 at 21:19:

eh, you missed “Sir” Martin Stephen…