Color Decoder

Designer/developer Jon Hicks blogs about a new $22 OS X application, Color Decoder. Put simply, it converts on-screen colour (RGB, CMYK values) into easy to understand colour names.

It watches the color underneath the mouse pointer, displays the color’s name near the mouse pointer, optionally speaks its name using speech synthesis, and flashes areas where the same color appears on the screen.

Worth downloading the trial version and having a play with it if you can, but I’m afraid not worth the asking price for me. Interesting just to think about how it works - purplish white, vivid reddish orange?


By adam2z on 21 November 2007 at 18:24:

i looked at the program after he twittered about it - and didnt find it very useful at all. but this is because i am not colour blind and a normal colour picker works better for me.

for a colour blind person, i can see why it would be invaluable.