Nokia 2630

I love being able to post about Christmas presents safe in the knowledge that the person concerned will never ever read this :-)

Nokia 2630.jpg

The Nokia 2630 is an absolutely gorgeous phone. Sure, it might not be as flashy or desirable as an iPhone, but we’re talking about a very different target market here. And damn, does this get the job done, ticks all the boxes - yes, I know these specs won’t appeal to most of the (tech-savvy) people reading this, but I don’t care; camera (albeit VGA), Bluetooth 2.0, an FM radio, and it’s incredibly thin. The UI is classic Nokia, which makes it really easy to use, and the text is sufficiently large that even the (kinda) ageing recipient will be able to read it easily.

The best part: just £50, including a tenner of Vodafone “Pay as you talk” top-up. If I ever need a phone in a hurry, I’m going straight for one of these.

Attached photo is by liewcf on Flickr, Creative Commons license