Friday night (the 1st of Feb) a massive group of us, about 10 in all, went down to Brixton Academy to see Paramore play with New Found Glory. We missed the first two supporting acts, Conditions and Kids in Glass Houses, but got there for the start of NFG playing.

Photo by phillyist

Honestly, I was a little disappointed by New Found Glory. Don’t know quite what I was expecting, or how it could have been better, but it wasn’t what I thought it would be. They were still good, just not the “me-bouncing-off-the-walls” kinda good.

As for Paramore; if you don’t know how I feel about them, imagine the happiest thing you possibly can and multiply it by a couple of million. That’s me when I’m listening to them. It was awesome, so so awesome. I have no clue how to review stuff, let alone a concert, so I’m not even going to bother trying. “I loved it” will have to do :)

Mr Moosey (I have no clue how to refer to people here anymore) was fantastic enough to share photos, so you should take a peek. And I’ve got no clue how you could watch videos of it to get a feel for the place, but maybe YouTube has a little something.